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With so much to oversee, you need to be sure you are getting fast, accurate, and easy-to-review information in real-time!

Azzule helps you make data-driven decisions to grow your business. With the Azzule platform you can view compliance at a glance for your whole supply chain! See which suppliers are in compliance and which are pending as well as verify that you are in good standing with your customers.

With analytic capabilities, you can view overviews of your audits or information from any data within Azzule for food safety, quality, regulatory compliance, sustainability efforts, and more!

Connect with suppliers who share your company's unique culture and values. Integrate your sales team within Azzule to streamline sales from vetted, quality suppliers.

Let's grow your business together!

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Sales & Procurement

You want to know that the suppliers you source products from are approved and meet your high standards. With Azzule, we make that easy!

Verify that the suppliers you manage are in compliance without the hassle of sifting through mountains of documents and audits. Easily filter and view your supplier base by region, commodity, or compliance program with easy-to-view dashboards and reports.

Show your clients that your suppliers are held to the highest standards for food safety, sustainability, quality, and any other efforts your company monitors. Gain new business while showing the value in the products you provide.

Partner with your food safety team to communicate with suppliers out of compliance to ensure your product flow remains consistent. Build trust with your customers in knowing that your suppliers and your commodities meet and exceed their standards.

Let’s keep your products moving!

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ESG and Sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play a more important role than ever in our ever-changing industry. You need a flexible platform to help you refine and communicate your sustainability strategy. Azzule is here to help!

The Azzule platform is scalable and flexible for any program. Build and implement your sustainability program tailored to your unique vision. Measure and report your and your suppliers progress, impacts and efforts with visual representations of ESG performance.

Leverage data and credible 3rd party certifications like that of the Sustainability Standard to avoid greenwashing and unlock opportunity. Connect with like-minded companies who share your values and move the industry forward.

Integrate your existing food documentation with your sustainability efforts to provide a comprehensive picture of your company culture and corporate responsibility.

Let's grow your business together!

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Food Safety

With growing requirements and expectations for food safety and beyond, it can be overwhelming for a single department to juggle, or maybe it’s all on you! You aren’t alone with Azzule!

With years of experience in food safety, we’ve worked closely with our clients to develop tools to make your job easier! Integrate all your food safety information from audits, lab results, and documents into one secure platform. Leverage the power of analytics for PrimusGFS, PrimusLabs, and Azzule Auditing Software data to manage by exception, identify areas of concern and promote areas of excellence.

From notifications to automatic transfers and more efficient uploads, we want to make it easier for you to do what you need to do. With our Premium subscription, you can set up automatic filtered transfers and move only the data you want through to your customers.

Easily review, make approval decisions, and communicate compliance status quickly and easily with stop-light color review. Manage any number of compliance programs for all your suppliers to meet customer and regulatory expectations. Centralize all your efforts to streamline your programs.

Let’s ease your workload!

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