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" You want peace of mind. You want to be 100% sure that your FSVP program is good and it was done correctly, you need to go to Azzule CORE. "

The Client. 4/7. 

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The Challenge. 

Green World U.S.'s Fateful Run-In With the FDA.

Six months prior to meeting Azzule CORE Support, Green World U.S. had an inspection with the FDA “that went awful”. They hired a different service that promised to assemble their Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), but after paying thousands of dollars, Olga from Green World U.S. was given forms to fill out on her own. This didn’t take care of their FDA inspection, nor did Olga have the time to create and maintain her company’s FSVP plan.

“The reality back then is I didn't know what an FSVP program was. It was very unclear in my head what exactly the FSVP program is," Olga says. "I thought I would make sure that my farms are safe. I make sure that everybody is safety certified… And to me, that was more than enough. Turns out it's not. And that was my first inspection. How do you verify that your suppliers are actually safe? Well, they're all food safety certified. So what else do you want? Turns out they want a lot more.”  

I really thought I was in good shape. "



The Solution.

Immediately, the Azzule CORE team evaluated Olga’s existing documentation from her foreign suppliers, identifying whether any improvements were needed. Green World U.S.’s FSVP plan was then built in the Azzule platform, making the importing company compliant and giving them access to 14K+ produce companies to connect in the future.

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Today, Azzule CORE’s multilingual staff keeps up with Green World U.S.’s foreign suppliers to maintain current and compliant documentation. When the FDA visited Olga for a second inspection, the Azzule CORE team walked Olga through the process and answered all the questions from the FDA inspector.

The Results.

Green World U.S. was able to close the FDA inspection within a month, and pass their next FDA inspection with flying colors. Olga did not need to lift a finger regarding foreign supplier compliance, so she could get back to doing what she does best: Selling produce!

"Having Azzule managing our FSVP program, it's been a great experience. It's peace of mind that everything is in compliance with the FDA without having the stress of putting it together and updating it."

[The FDA inspector] had nothing but good words for [the CORE team] on how professional and knowledgeable they were. That was pretty cool. I'm like, yeah, I'm with the right people. "

" We're good and in good standing with the FDA thanks to Cynthia and Azzule CORE's work. "





 Key Takeaways.

  • Don't wait to start your Foreign Supplier Verification Program!
    30% of citations that come from FDA inspections are FSVP related. Olga believed she was "food safety compliant" until the FDA showed her otherwise.

  • It's important to stay updated on your suppliers' food safety documentation year-round.
    You never know when the FDA will show up at your door, and they can audit you multiple times within the same year. 

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"We got a positive Cyclospora and your Yuma person diligently tried to reach us, I saw the effort on their part to immediately notify us that we had a positive... I mean that was above and beyond. It was Saturday.

And thank God he did, because we had product on in transit, which had he waited until Monday that would have been an issue... we were able to stop whatever we had in transit going into production."

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