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Be a Step Ahead of Your Competition with PrimusGFS

Confidence in Compliance

Experience market agility with a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked audit that is accepted by industry leaders! You can confidently demonstrate compliance with customer expectations as well as regulatory requirements with PrimusGFS.

A Comprehensive Audit for Any Operation

Choose an audit that fully covers the scope of operations in your supply chain, from the farm level to facilities, providing an integrated supply chain approach. Save valuable time by centralizing your PrimusGFS audits in one platform, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your data to your customers.

Cultivate Company Culture

Show your company’s food safety culture, commitment, and integrity with a globally recognized audit that is dedicated to food safety. By pairing your PrimusGFS audit with the Sustainability Standard, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability practices and dedication to continuous improvement over time. Learn more about the Sustainability Standard here.

Gain Insights from Your Data

PrimusGFS is the first of its kind to collect audit information as granular data, allowing for powerful data analysis designed to help you detect areas of improvement and better understand how you’re performing in comparison to the rest of the industry.

Seamless Document Translation

With PrimusGFS, rest assured knowing that customers will be able to translate the final audit report, corrective action report, and certificate in seconds, leading to faster supplier approvals.

Look for the “Ver en Español” or “View in English” button located at the top right-hand corner of the reports!

Prepare and Monitor Progress

Routine self-audits are useful tools for verifying food safety programs, but they’re also a requirement for PrimusGFS 3rd party audits. Instead of using a paper checklist, take advantage of the 1st party audit tool within the PrimusGFS site.

Not only are self-audits saved within your PrimusGFS account, but they’re also accessible in the Azzule platform along with your other food safety audits and documents.

Optimize Your Audit Process

Organizations now have more control over who can manage their audits. Partnering growers and their shippers on a PrimusGFS audit can streamline the audit process by allowing either party to complete audit applications and submit corrective actions.