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Set Your Auditing Company Apart with
the Azzule Auditing Software

Connect, Track & Comply

Compliance has never been easier with the connectivity of the Azzule platform!

Seamless audit movement within our integrated platform helps clients promote their compliance efforts, build new connections and gain expedited approvals with retailers who trust Azzule. With real-time audit tracking, clients follow along as their audits are scheduled, conducted, and finalized for full transparency with their audit process.

Get ready to experience better client satisfaction!

Optimize Compliance Management

Create sophisticated, data driven integrity programs to monitor auditor performance, scheme usage, time-to-certification, and much more!

Get the most out of your data with built in analytical reports to review key performance indicators across the board.

By partnering with a platform that can help implement integrity programs and intuitively comply with ISO 17065 requirements, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be accreditation ready.

Increase Reporting Efficiency

Save valuable time and reduce your teams’ workload by streamlining the audit submission process with tools developed by Azzule!

Take advantage of the audit duplication tool and the GlobalG.A.P. API, both of which are designed to eliminate duplicate work and expedite report entry all at no additional cost to you or your clients.

Keep your business on track without needing to adopt an entirely new workflow or process.

Let Azzule take you beyond food safety and diversify your services with social accountability, organics, and sustainability. The possibilities are endless!