Your Solution To Keep Imports Moving

When your product is detained at the border, time is of the essence for your perishable products. PrimusLabs offers a comprehensive FDA testing program to cover your next import alert.

  • Fast responses to the FDA
  • Reliable results with 30+ years of experience
  • Sampling specialists familiar with FDA protocols
  • Trustworthy laboratory practices with ISO 17025 accreditation
  • Lab Support 24/7 to keep your products moving!

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Don’t Let Delays Slow You Down!

Free up your resources and expedite your importing process with PrimusLabs! We offer a comprehensive FDA detention without physical examination (DWPE) testing program for both of your pesticide residue and microbiology needs. From sampling to submitting the final analytical packet to the FDA, we have you covered.

Be prepared for your next detention! Trust PrimusLabs to manage your FDA testing, so you can focus on what you need to do: Sell your products.

Get Your Product Out of Detainment!

Get the testing you need to get your product out of detainment with PrimusLabs!

Import Alerts occur during the FDA’s regular and randomly chosen checks on food shipments coming into the United States. When a product is found or suspected to contain any pathogen, or a pesticide that exceeds approved tolerances, the importer is placed on Import Alert. The letter you receive from FDA is a formal notice of detention (DWPE). Click to download our 10-step guide on FDA Detentions!

Have you received an Import Alert, or believe you may be liable to receive one? Stay in compliance with the PrimusLabs team on your side!

Connect, Comply, and Grow With Azzule

Enhance your food safety program with PrimusLabs and Azzule! While FDA Detentions are unavoidable, stay confident in your food safety program with consistent testing. All of your laboratory results will be automatically available within the secure, cloud-based Azzule platform.

Made to help you monitor compliance programs and identify outliers, Azzule helps you know where you stand in your supply chain. Get connected to the industry’s top buyers and many other customers to promote your efforts.

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