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Increase Business Opportunities and Boost your Food Safety Program with the Primus Standard Audit

Discover for yourself why the flexible, efficient and data-driven Primus Standard Audit is the ideal audit solution your business needs to strengthen your food safety efforts.

Need a food safety audit tailored to small and mid-size operations like yours? Look no further!

With so much on your plate, you need an audit that is trustworthy and easy to navigate!

With the Primus Standard audit, you can meet customer and regulatory requirements while cultivating company culture and focusing on food safety!

  • Fully remote auditing available: more convenient auditing to fit your busy schedule
  • Intuitively written: designed to help you understand how to easily comply with food safety expectations
  • FSMA/FSVP ready: use 2nd party audits as verification activities on foreign suppliers

Grow your business with an audit designed by industry experts and trusted by leading global businesses

You deserve an audit you can trust. With Primus Standard, you get a food safety, fresh produce audit that’s the first of its kind.

Developed by industry experts, you can be confident that your 2nd and 3rd party audit will deliver reliable, unbiased results to assess your food safety program, identify potential hazards and uncover areas of improvement to help you manage risk, build customer trust and move your product.

  • 35 years’ experience: developed and continually improved by the food safety and fresh produce experts at Azzule and PrimusLabs
  • Reliable & respected: keep your product moving with an audit backed by major retailers
  • Integrated shipper access: give shippers the visibility they need for their growers’ audit data to streamline the audit process

Customizable and dynamic audit solutions for your unique operation’s needs

The Primus Standard Audit is as unique and diverse as your operations.

With years of experience working with different commodities and operations, your company can take advantage of customized solutions to help you jump start your food safety program.

  • Flexibility for any commodity: whether you specialize in one or multiple commodities, the Primus Standard Audit fits the specific needs for a variety of products
  • Stay regulatory compliant: effortlessly comply with the FDA with our comprehensive food safety audit that incorporates Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements
  • Integrated supply chain approach: from small farms to processing facilities and everywhere in between, we can provide you with a unique audit experience for your operations needs