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Azzule & PrimusLabs - Meet the teams behind your food safety efforts.

Laboratory Results, Audits, and Compliance Documentation - all three are vital in building a food safety program. All too often, these documents sit lonely in desktop folders or at least stay separated in filing systems. What if we told you that you could strengthen each of these individual efforts when you put them all together?

This is the future of food safety.

In the fresh produce industry, a lot of our companies’ food safety programs are built upon [compliance documents] like legos. Most likely, your company always had the pieces to create a holistic picture of your operations. It is one thing to know that you have found positives or high organism counts in your facility, but another entirely when you see the trending of those findings and the picture it starts to paint. This is the power of data… to see issues before they become problems - always adapting to the demands of your changing industry.

This is how PrimusLabs and Azzule help you reveal the big picture of your food safety program.

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  • Direct API to your Supply Chain Management Software - When you submit your samples to PrimusLabs, your results are immediately exported to your Azzule Supply Chain account. The automatic transfer of your results into the Azzule platform allows you to leverage its supply chain, data management, and compliance features to connect with buyers and market your food safety efforts.

  • The (Living) Hub of Laboratory Test Data - With an integrated laboratory solution, PrimusLabs clients can look at their data in ways they never thought possible using the PrimusLabs Web App. The App works for you. You can submit new requests, track samples from start to finish, view lab results 24/7, and digitally sign all your results. Simple and easy. PrimusLabs results integrate seamlessly onto the platform in a format allowing further analytics, sending to your customer base, and much more. With Azzule’s integrated platform, the possibilities are endless.

  • Interactive Views of Your Whole Supply Chain - Once a PrimusLabs’s client receives their test results, they can use their audit data to feed into the whole picture of their supply chain - where each lab test feeds into your compliance, and every line tells a story. Compare regions, facilities, or even products with each other. Compare audits. Track your historical progress to easily see improvements in your supply chain. Trend laboratory results or audits movement to your site.

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The Azzule App
Go beyond your suppliers' first, second, and third-party audits! Azzule has developed a set of record-keeping templates in a mobile and desktop application that can be used to support laboratory record-keeping needs for your organization and suppliers. The Azzule App offers a method to review and measure food safety efforts to support and facilitate continuous improvement. These templates will help demonstrate and provide evidence to forward progress in compliance that buyers can create insights from.

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